10. Captivating Finish: The fragrance concludes with a captivating finish, leaving a lasting impression with its harmonious blend of notes.

9. Modern Vintage Appeal: Daisy achieves a modern vintage appeal, blending contemporary sophistication with timeless elegance.

8. Balanced Notes: Musk, vanilla infusion, and white woods contribute to a well-balanced composition, adding smooth softness and warm sensuality.

7. Velvety Heart: The heart of the fragrance features gardenia, violet petals, and jasmine petals, creating a velvety and luminous modern vintage feel.

6. Luscious Opening: Daisy opens with a luscious blend of natural freshness, including wild strawberry, violet leaves, and ruby red grapefruit.

5. Bright and Alluring: The fragrance is described as bright and alluring, combining freshness with an irresistible allure.

4. Not Too Serious: While being sophisticated, Daisy maintains an approachable demeanour, not taking herself too seriously.

3. Fresh and Feminine: Daisy exudes a fresh and feminine vibe, characterized by a playful innocence that sets it apart.

2. Reflects Sophistication: Simultaneously, Daisy reflects the sophistication and elegance synonymous with the Marc Jacobs collection.

1. Offhand Charm: Daisy captures the offhand charm of the Marc by Marc Jacobs line, creating a unique and casual allure.